ULSARA 50: Christ Church Leeson Park Boy Scouts

One ULSARA resident has already responded to our request for old photos and stories to support our 50th birthday publication.

Christ Church, Leeson Park's Boy Scout Troop outside the south porch of the church
Baden Powell founded the Scouting movement in 1908 and to judge from the dress of these young Dubliners, or indeed and that of the Church of Ireland Rector - what a wonderful flat hat -  this picture must have been taken  before the 1st World War got going. 
A troop of 35 boy with their Scout Master (I think he is the self-confident chap with his hands on the top of his stick) and the rector suggests both the size of the congregation at that time and the enthusiasm that Scouting evoked in its early years. 
The staff held by each scout was a bit of kit that had been dispensed with when our member was a cub and then a scout in the later 1940s. 
Today the congregation of the church is merged with St. Bartholomew's Clyde Road and this building, leased from the Church of Ireland, is used by a vibrant and lively Romanian Church Orthodox congregation of about 300 people.

As part of our planned publication, we are looking for any photos, stories and records of the area. Let us know if you have any of interest.


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