ULSARA 50: a mystery villa on Pembroke Road

Another from one of our members: a mystery villa from somewhere on Pembroke Road. It looks like it might have been on the south side of the road but does anyone know exactly where it stood? 
Where on Pembroke Road?

Look closely at the photograph and you can see that this swanky block with its pair of turreted slate roofs, set on top of big bay windows, was originally a much more ordinary house with a shallow hipped roof like lots of other villas in the area. Later on, it looks like someone who had done well for themselves wanted to make the house more impressive so the bay windows with decorated Gothic capitals and emphatic key stones were added  and the centre was built out with a heavy porch and double ramped steps up to the front door. You would feel good walking up to the front door of the house, if it was yours, and once it had been improved!  The plain stone quoins at the corners and the basement wall survive from the house before it got all these additions. Who did it and why?  All a part of the ULSARA area story.

As part of our planned publication, we are looking for any photos, stories and records of the area. Let us know if you have any of interest.


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